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Mythology - Lamia


Color Hunting  |  Bernat Fortet Unanue

Just like the title suggest, Bernat does a hunting of colors through beautiful minimalist photography. Although very talented in photography, Bernat is in fact a game designer, and a very pationate one for that matter. Make sure to look at the rest of his work.

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Anonymous asked:
I always considered you a GOT blogger, but you have been posting a lot more From Dusk Till Dawn even though GOT is back on, and I admit you have gotten me sort of curious. I know the plot and all but can I ask what your favorite things about the show are?


Oh sure.

also im still a GOT blogger along with like 10000 other fandoms like this isn’t my only thing <3

  I kinda said a lot of this stuff in other posts tho idk i guess ill just link to this one now when i wanna gush about this dumb show sorry to every person who has to deal with my garbage.

So one last time ye

  • Researched mesoamerican mythology boner
  • robert rodriguezrobert rodriguez robert rodriguez 
  • Codependent “I’ll leave my wife for insulting you, i’ll throw away all of my morals for you, i’ll stay with you even though you are crazy and have slaughtered innocent people because I love you so much, i’ll hold you and comfort you even though i’m terrified of you and everything you have done” criminal brothers.
  • also starring a teenage girl walking a fine line between rebellion and loyalty, a former preacher whose mad at god, a teenage boy with a heart of gold, a vampire queen that turns men into her slaves through a series of methodical mind games, a sadistic vampire cartel boss fighting his fellow criminals to the top, and a lone ranger following two brothers into the pits of the underworld and cleaning up after everyones fucking messes while getting satanic visions from an evil knife.
  • Well actually I like all of the characters a lot and in 6 episodes they have fleshed MOST OF THEM out a lot and every single one of them has their own story that is central and important to them like they have their own mysteries and connections with the myth arc and their own demons to battle and not one of them is left out of the loop like whether it’s the prophet of the underworld main character or a little nerdy kid who just wants to stop the bullies from winning every single of them is gearing up for some epic destiny and i rly like that I love how fleshed out everyone is.
  • So far the fandom is really cool granted it’s small but I stalk pretty much all of the tags and I haven’t seen any shitty opinions yet and our two ladies are very well protected and people have shipping preferences but I have yet to see any character bashing because of them or just in general like SO FAR it’s pretty peaceful just a lot of thoughtful meta and people slowly falling in love with the characters as the episodes give a little more of who they are. No woobiefying the leads even tho they are dicks. Everyone is protective of the teenage girl. Good stuff.
  • The show calls out bad behavior that the characters have. Like the two brothers are the main characters and they are pretty bad people and they use characters like Freddie to remind people that like YOOO these dudes are killers and kidnappers and the real hero is this dude over here who is trying to apprehend them and stop this fucking vampire cult or W/E. The bad characters call each other out even. Theres just a definite awareness that just because it’s a vampire show doesn’t mean that ur morally grey faves deserve to be worshipped and the text explores and respects everybody.
  • It’s a supernatural fantasy show written/created by a POC aimed at POC on a latin american english network with 4/8 of it’s main characters being POC like when you sit there and realize ur watching a fucking vampire/demon show where you can watch an episode where its just brown dudes having epic end of the world good vs evil battles and mention the white dudes like once in a fleeting moment and it’s just all THEM and THEIR STORIES and its a supernatural???? fantasy?? show?? and leike old white guy fridged for no reason other than brown dudes character development thats neAT?
  • It’s like majorly pretty yellow filter excluded the cinematography is mega nice.
  • I often see shows adapted from books and movies tend to play up shitty things or make them worse *coughGOTcough* but like, the film version of this story had some iffy elements (a rape subplot/a rapist lead being one of them) and this was completely omitted from the show I enjoyed that very much. It honors the source material as much as possible in terms of keeping the same characters, but also balancing that with a sense of awareness so far, as well as a willingness to breathe life into minor film characters that were POC or women and making them major characters. Also the dude who co created the source material made the show so no fuckups, only improvements.
  • Did I mention Seth Geckos thirsty as fuck brother complex the size of the sun? Oh I did? 
  • hot people
  • Found families, ot3s, dominant women—>submissive men, more kinks than u can shake a stick at, pretty boys in glasses, adorable likable socially aware cast, adult handling of vampire related storylines idkkk


IN CELEBRATION OF MY WICKEDNESS: a mix for modern-day witches who hex their lovers and pocket their souls


I. glasser - apply, II. polica - very cruel, III. braids - lammicken, IV. chelsea wolfe - house of metal, V. blooms - skin, VI. the kills - future starts slow, VII. london grammar - devil inside, VIII. ladytron - destroy everything you touch, IX. the knife - heartbeats, X. chelsea wolfe - fight like gods, XI. saint saviour - this ain’t no hymn, XII. unkle ft. elle j & joel cadbury - set no sun, XIII. sarah blasko - i awake, XIV. nina kinert - moonwalker, XV. lykke li - no rest for the wicked, XVI. nola wren - fireproof


I want you to see this place for what it really is. I want you to feel what i’m feeling. You said that you were lost. I was alone too, and when I had nothing left, she found me. She called to me and she lead me here. You said that your life was upside down? Well maybe this is where you’re really supposed to be.

"너로된 이불, Blanket of you" 2009